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Being Amber - Sylvia Ryan

Lets start with the rating for this book. I agonized over 4 stars, and its all Goodreads fault. It doesn't QUITE get to 5 stars for me, but if only we had half stars, I'd go 4.5 stars easily. Since I round down, sadly, Being Amber suffers thru no fault of its own.

This is a dystopian future, after a virus has decimated the world's population. No zombies, for once, but we do get a new society, with lots of interesting foibles. I loved the classification system, like, really loved it. I'm not generally a fan of post-apocalyptic literature, but this was just so good.

So, the citizen classifications, in order of importance: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amber. Diamonds are genetic royalty, talented and without any genetic flaws. Emeralds are similar, but without the extreme talent. Sapphires are smart and without genetic illnesses. Ambers are the rest. A genetic flaw, or lack of intelligence, something. A genetic predisposition to illness, as a female, and you are sterilized by the state, so you cannot drag it down with your lines chronic illness.

Our heroine, Jaci, was born a sapphire, but she fails the genetic lottery and is sent away to Amber Zone. This is her story. I am not going to spoil any other part of the plot, but suffice to say, I enjoyed it.

Actually, I thought she handled the change astonishingly well, and I really liked her. Xander, the Hero was also pretty good.

So I liked the characters, I liked the plot, how was the sex? It was pretty good. Pretty gateway, though, so not the sort of material that sets me off into my happy zone. I suspect people into lighter stuff will love it.

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