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White Ivory - Lindsey Brooks Well, that was intense!

So, White Ivory is a story of a slaver with a heart of gold, his stable of slave girls, and his newest acquisition, who asked to become a slave.

Caroline was a supposedly quiet and submissive girl, who did what others wanted, but never seemed to get what she wanted. She felt like her husband, and father before him, had never cared about her, let alone loved her, and from the descriptions she gave, she sounds correct. However, she had quite a temper when she wasn't getting her way, and was tremendously willful, in todays terms, we'd call much of her behaviour "Topping from the Bottom" even if Piet didn't let her get away with most of it, she still bratted and misbehaved.

Captain Robert Douglas is a Scotsman cum Mercenary, who becomes one of the heart of gold slavers. He likes Caroline, and does some of her training.

Piet Van Gryf is the slaver with the heart of gold. He owns ~15 girls, and wanders between them, from day to day, and during the day. He is, in his words, "a little bit in love with Caroline". I am not totally sure I buy it. I didn't feel a particularly strong connection between them.

I enjoyed the training aspects, they were arousing, and interesting, but I did find the number of girls off-putting for a number of reasons. I can say from having been in a five girl one Master household that attention for everyone, even the favorite, is hard to come by, and neglect and depression can sink in fast. I was lucky to be liked by the other girls and we were kept together, so we could keep each other company, at least, but Piet's girls seemed to be each on their own, or a couple in pairs. Tough to imagine living like that for an extended period.

The extreme torture scene, I guess I ought to cover it, since many other reviewers have. I loved it. I'm depraved, admittedly, and that scene has been foremost in more than one of my personal fantasies, so lets just say not everyone will be put off by it. Not that I approve of being having it done to them non-consentually in the real world, but this is fiction, and my fantasies are what they are.

So, despite its flaws, I really enjoyed it. If there had been 6 girls, and Caroline had been slightly less bratty, it would probably have gotten 5 stars.

On a personal note Why does everybody hate the perfectly obedient girls? Why? He has to sell every girl that isn't at least somewhat defiant? What ever happened to a good, obedient slavegirl? Even the 24/7 Masters have to hate us now? *sigh*