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Bound by Night - Larissa Ione I read some of the reviews of my friends before I read this book, so I went in to it with the knowledge it was not your typical vampires in the shadows type story. I think that helped me.

I liked this book, and I typically like Larissa Ione's books, so thats probably no surprise. I liked it on its own merits, though, as it did a number of things, and broke a number of genre conventions/tropes that really tire me out. First, even though the Hero/Heroine have a bad backstory, they don't bicker like they've been married 40 years, instead they get into it, and through it like adults. What a novel idea. Talk out your issues? It might be the first novel I've ever seen this. Second, Vampires have been outed, and exactly what would happen in the real world happens. They are immediately grabbed, slapped on medical tables, and used to provide medical breakthroughs, and then less savory stuff.

The heroine was great. I loved her. She was smart, brave without being an idiot or foolhardy, caring, all sorts of positive adjectives. The hero was also pretty good, even if he did give off some of the same old alpha male type vibes as all the other heroes (I love alpha males, but man, some variety, please?!)

So, if you like traditional vampires, but living in untraditional circumstances, this might be for you! If you want totally in control and never fearing vampires, this might be a culture shock.