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The Riding School (Pony Tales) - C.P. Mandara The Riding School is a pony play short, the first chapter in a series, which follows the shenanigans, exploits, and training of a spoiled rich girl, whose father is apparently super perverse, as he's sending his only daughter off to get trained in pretty outrageous circumstances.

The plot, essentially, is spoiled Jenny, born into wealth, and lazy as all getout, has made nothing of her life, her Dad is sick of it, and sends her off to the stables to be turned into an obedient, speechless filly.

Is it realistic? Oh heck no. But its pretty hot, and the scene is well done. I didn't much care for Jenny, she's your typical bratty "non-doormat" that makes its way into every story these days, but maybe with time and training, she'll become a worthwhile pet. We'll see in future installments, as this one ends before she even has her first scene with her trainer.

I liked it, for what it was, a steamy but short ride(pun intended!)

***This book was provided by the author for an honest review***