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Yvonne: A Courtesan's Compulsion - Lindsey Brooks ***This book was provided by the author for an honest review!***

Yvonne is a courtesan! Well, actually, she's a whore, into bondage, and has a serious issue saying no. Which I totally get, since I have the same issue.

Yvonne is ready to part with her Dom. She's emotionally pulling away, when he decides to take their relationship to the next level. He pulls out all the stops, coercing her best friend, (another prostitute) to help him break her and train her, enlisting a roving cast of miscreants to abuse and torment her, and finally consigning her to a Domme's mansion/school/place of business.

Yvonne learns about herself, about submission, and finally, accepts herself for what she is, after a journey of horror, shame, degradation and self-learning.

I only had one issue with the book...well, they might be countable as two?I only had one issue with this story, and its with Yvonne's friend, who first, probably should have not gotten involved, and second, gets bushwhacked/press-ganged into slavery alongside her friend, but didn't strike me as submissive at all, leading to my discomfort. I dunno about others, but when the heroine is essentially a slave, non-conning her into slavery doesn't bother me. When the heroine is a vanilla girl, not so happy does it make me!Still, loved the book!