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The Life of Riley: Episodes 1-6 with Bonus Episode (The Life of Riley, #1-6) - Kristiene Gray The Life of Riley is a series of connected episodes in the life of Riley Buckland. A young lady with extremely dubious taste in men, but a very active sex life.

Her roommate gets up to some bdsm shenanigans, and Riley dives right in, falling for a man who has a male lover, tells her bdsm leaves no room for love/affection(wait, what?!?) and various other douchey stuff.

Still, she's a frosh, so I guess stupidity is to be expected, and when he admits he doesn't even like her, but is just using her as an outlet for his sadism, she decides to go vanilla, that always works!

I can't say this stuff doesn't happen in the bdsm community, but its akin to becoming a lesbian because your ex was a douche, and not because you love pussy (This is another mistake to not make, people. I love lesbians, and women, personally, but not over man trauma! Just because I'm naturally a bisexual slut) The scenes were interesting enough, and I liked Angel, so this ends up at three stars for me.

But, despite liking Angel we need to discuss this ultra-sub thing. First, she controls who comes on to her? Is this a UK thing? Whats an Ultra-dom? I mean, I get that its a Dom that doesn't sub, but most Doms aren't switches or they'd be called Switch, not Dom! I can tell you as a slave I have tremendous trouble telling people no, or doing things people will be mad about, so these ultra-subs doing what they want definitely tweaked me.

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