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Becoming Brittany  (The Accidental Killer #1) - S.L. Walker This book was not at all what I was expecting!

Rick is a young man, just turned 18 with his life ahead of him, a young lady who loves him ready to move in with him, and a girl on the side who likes down and dirty sex. Sounds good so far!

His girlfriend has an accident, and off we go. I feel conflicted about the story, for a number of reasons. First, Rick is a cheater, which, while I have no moral compunction against, doesn't really make him likable, and second, I didn't really like him besides that, and then we have Brittany, third, his on the side sex object, who is also not terribly likable.

The sex scenes are pretty good, its more consensual sex with face slapping, biting and spanking than any sort of traditional BDSM which is a nice change from the traditional negotiations, and virginal vanilla girl learning about submitting that everyone seems so enamored with these days.

So 3 stars for some good material, some unlikable characters, and a plot that was thin. I liked it enough to move on to part II.

***provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review***