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Hers To Cherish (Verdantia #3) - Patricia A. Knight Hers to Cherish is a sci-fi light BDSM fantasy, involving a planet with D/s customs, an alpha male, and a female that likes to submit during sex.

Ramsey DeKieran is our alpha male, a ne'er do well roguish type, wronged by his Government, robbed of his one true love, and trying to make it through since as best he can. He's a pretty good guy, and he puts up with a lot from our female lead.

Captain Steffania Rickard is the aforementioned female lead. She's unprofessional, bullheaded and undiplomatic, and as unsubmissive as it comes, until she's naked. even when she's supposed to be undercover on a planet where she'll ruin everything by acting like a non-submissive, she just does what she wants, nearly ruining the mission. Unfortunately, she's the epitome of the sort of thing I don't like in BDSM books. She's prejudiced against other submissives, specifically those more submissive than herself, makes her feelings known when she feels the supporting female is "too submissive" and acts like a hard-ass every second when she isn't tied down. Sadly, this sort of opinion is widely held by a lot of sexual submissives, so I'm used to it in the real world also, but do we have to have our female submissives denigrating those more submissive than themselves all the time? I know Steffania is trying to establish herself as a bad-ass, but being mean to obedient submissive girls doesn't exactly make you a bad-ass, like kicking a cute puppy doesn't make you dangerous. Both just make you a mean person.

Still, the plot isn't bad, they go to the planet to rescue a girl who is being mind-raped and turned into a slave against her will, and is needed to save Verdantia, and in the end, Ramsey gets his girl, Steffania gets her HEA, and the girl gets rescued.

So, to sum up, I liked Ramsey, tolerated Steffania, even if she was mostly annoying she had a few redeeming moments, and I liked Pansy/Anjelica. The plot was pretty good, and I liked the planet they travelled to. Very interesting.