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Gestapo Girl - Lindsey Brooks Gestapo Girl was a lot of things, none of them what I was expecting it to be. I really liked a number of aspects of this book.

First, it is set near the end of World War II, in Germany and Britain, in two sections. The first running in summer, the second in winter. It stars a British Officer, who is a blackmailing scumbag. He keeps his secretary as his personal sex slave, arranges for her to help blackmail others, and generally goes about being despicable. He does dominate the heck out of his secretary, though, and the poor girl is half-in-love and half-in-hate with him because of it.

The British sections involve his unit, his secretary, and the "operation" he is planning which involves a young sex slave who is not his secretary, but who is being trained for some sort of insurgency into Germany.

The German sections involve the SS, and their special whorehouse set up to help the special officers of the SS and elsewhere unwind from the horrors of war with specially chosen hot young ladies.

I really enjoyed a lot of the characters in this, despicable though most of them were, and I loved the ending. So perfect.

So, interesting setting(World War II!) very interesting characters, and an ending I did not see coming!

Oh, plus hot sex, torture scenes, and a smattering of forced f/f action. How can one go wrong?