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Little Tease (Rack and Ruin, #1) - Amy Valenti I enjoyed this book a lot. Lena is a switch, and considers herself more Domme than sub, and despite having a serious desire to drop to her knees for the hero, she resists doing so, because she's like that.

I really liked the characters in this story. They were both fully realized and unique, Lena was interesting for sure, and Josh felt like a real person, as opposed to what we've been getting lately, an Alpha male caveman carbon copy. The secondary characters are also interesting, I'd like to read more about Smurfette and Heidi especially!

The plot revolves around the will they or won't they, and we get to see both Lena and Josh dom/ming people, Lena with Tamara, and Josh with Smurfette. There is a subplot involving friends of Lena betting on when she and Josh are going to hook up, and once thats resolved, they finally get together.

I enjoy reading about switches, even if I don't really understand them at all, and find the whole idea of switching roles to be fascinating. This story kept me fascinated all the way through.