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Re/Paired - Michele Zurlo This is my third book by this author, and I have to say, its easily my favorite by her that I've read so far.

Katrina and Keith are our sub and Dom in this one. Keith had a terrible childhood and is a recovered alcoholic, and its colored him. Katrina has watched him for a decade with her brother, who is his partner in the FBI, and crushed from afar. She knows her brother is a dom, she knows Keith is a dom, and she's spent some time seeing how Keith treats women, which is not well. At all.

The whole subplot of "I'm so bad a person" really wore on me for a short time, but it only lasted a short time, and from there, I really enjoyed the rest of the book. Katrina is being stalked, and unlike a lot of stories, she not only isn't an idiot about it when she goes to see her stalker, she manages to both alert the authorities pre-emptively, and to rescue herself from the situation without needing a man to ride in and do it for her.

One of my own personal pet peeves is contained within, though, so lets take a moment to discuss it. Those who read a lot about, or live within the framework of a BDSM relationship are not likely to enjoy hearing stuff like "You are too good to be a submissive" and "I'll teach you not to be a submissive". When I first read the words, I was not in my happy place, but in the context of this story, Keith was a mess, and I think what he really meant was, "I'll teach you how much of a lost cause/loser I am so you'll abandon me."

Katrina and Keith work it out, and everyone gets their happy on. I liked it. Oh, also, Bonus Points/Kudos to the author, for a Dom thats a masochist, and a sub thats willing to wield a flogger for her Master's pleasure. Loved it.

**provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review**