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The Vampire Skye - Fulani Lesbian Vampire BDSM? Yes please!

This is my first experience reading anything by Fulani, and I have to say, it was unusual, but in a good way.

Skye and Leah were interesting, in what little context we got to see them, Rosemary was a neat character also. I like that all three were not your typical generic stereotype.

Skye is a lesbian vampire Domme, turned during WWII, she's been mostly behaving and keeping from drinking human blood since the late 80's, wants to be a tattoo artist.

Leah is a goth switch with a degree in physics, and a job working as a girl friday for the governments Vampire division.

Rosemary is a PhD student specializing in sociology and philosophy. Interesting dynamics! She's also a sub.

Skye takes the girls on as her human pets. Its too bad it was so short, I'd have liked to have a full novel to get into this, but it was a good read for what it was. Interesting characters, hot vampire bondage and bloodplay and interesting world building.