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Two Masters for Samantha - Michele Zurlo Samantha considers herself too independent and awesome to be a submissive, even though her life is filled with Doms and their subs, and she has a weird and warped sense of what the lifestyle entails, despite her best friend being a Domme, and her brother being a Dom, because apparently she's never cared enough to do anything more than listen to pop psychology and anti-bdsm preachers on the topic.

Sounds like a setup I'm ready to fall for? Uh, no.

Enter two good looking Doms to sweep our Little Miss Independent off her feet. Samantha counters with "I don't like pain, won't wear a collar, or do anything in public" because, you know, she's too awesome to do that stuff.

So first, apparently she's actually a total masochist pain slut, who knew, there is lie #1, second, it takes like 13 seconds and she's in a collar, because 13 seconds of with holding an orgasm is more than Little Miss Independent needs to lose her independence, etc.

But because she's so willfully ignorant, we get to have BDSM tediously explained, and we get to be told over and over how the submissive is the one in control and the Doms her willing servants, yadda yadda, etc etc

Ugh. If the writing, aside from the characters, wasn't good, I'd 1 star this for annoying preachery and annoying Samantha character alone.