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A Doll's Story (The fall and rise of Merr StahlRhune) by Lez Lewis - Lez Lewis Despite including some of my favorite stuff, demons, slavery, objectification, it still only comes out with 2 stars, a feat that is hard to achieve.

This story revolves around an amnesiac young girl, Merr StahlRune. She awakens in a dangerous version of London where everything plans to either murder you or enslave you, and quickly falls into the collar of Mistress Copper, a Priestess? or Witch? who turns her charges into succubus-types and uses sexual energy to power her spells.

The world building was not well done. I dunno what Mistress Copper was, she just tended to "do stuff". I played a little World of Warcraft and a little D&D, so I'm not completely lost on whats going on, but good world building doesn't rely on your audience knowing your lifting concepts from games and not even explaining them!

There were some good scenes, and some of the concepts were good, but this is essentially taking John Norman's Gor novel style slavery, importing it into an Urban Fantasy London with Demons and Magic and explaining none of the inner workings.

Lastly, the characters...I didn't develope any attachment to any of them. I am not sure I even could distinguish them if names were removed from them.