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Oh Claire! - Giulia Napoli 3.5/5 Stars (I round down, so 3 stars. This book lost a full star based on my utter unhappiness at Saida and Claire's enforced weight gain/fatness, ykiokbinmk, I guess, to the point that it made me very uncomfortable reading. The world has enough obesity for us to be adding more by force.)

Oh Claire! is the story of a young lady who is submissive, and the trials and tribulations she goes through on her journey to slavery.

This story is probably best categorized as Urban Fantasy, as there is a number of magical and technological events that don't exist in the contemporary world.

Claire and Elliot are an IT Professional and her attendant jet-setting billionaire beau. He takes over the company where she works, fires her, and takes her around the world on an odyssey of discovery, body modification and excitement.

Some of the body modifications were HOT. The female/female scenes might not be for everyone, but as a bisexual female myself, I loved them and found them tasteful. One of the body modifications disgusted me. C'est la vie, I guess. The piercings and tattoos were pretty hot. The enforced fatness, not so hot.

Nice lengthy epilogue. Overall, I did really like the book, and will definitely keep an eye out for further titles by the author.

***provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review***