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Judgment (Judgment, #1) - Denise  Hall Judgment is the story of a young girl's descent into slavery.

Callie begins as a pretty normal girl, doing her thing on a trip to Europe. She is kidnapped, and brought to a slave training facility, where girls are trained and sold as product.

Callie has many misadventures, her rebellious and bratty nature causing both herself and her roomies in servitude all sorts of issues, and her track record of behaviour leads to her slave name being "Mischief".

Mischief catches the eye of the head of the facility, Daymon Tane, and their dance begins. Eventually, Mischief is perfectly trained, and her will is broken, and is remade exactly as Tane wants her.

The story of her training is interwoven with the story of her "capture" by the police. I liked the back and forth it created, but the actual police story seemed pretty unrealistic to me. I can't imagine her being questioned by the male police, especially given how she reacted to them. Can't picture her being sent to a male shrink, either, given the "obvious sexual abuse" in evidence.

The ending of the novel has been pretty debated by people I know, but I loved the way it ended.