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Carnal Slave (Carnal Incorporated #3) - Vonna Harper I was ready to give this one 5 stars when I was %65 through it.

Willow is a docile and obedient young lady, always doing what others told her to do. She's grabbed by the good folks at Carnal Incorporated to be sold as a slave.

Damek is her trainer, and is a big believer in both psychological and physical punishment as teaching tools. She's both sexually responsive and very obedient from the start, but unlike most of the slaves, she gets less obedient and docile as the book goes on.

The last 3rd of the book is just weird to me. Willow becomes more brazen and whatnot, and Damek turns into some sort of Vanilla guy, and they find their HEA together as a vanilla couple.

I don't even know what to say about it. Does the author hate BDSM? No idea. Does she think lifestyle Masters frequently just go vanilla? Again, no idea. Do they stop owning the slave of their dreams so that they can turn vanilla, when said slave is having mind numbing orgasms as a slave? I don't even want to speculate.

I know as a lifestyle slave myself, it just feels like either the characters in the book are betraying themselves, the author has no idea what drives people into the lifestyle to do this stuff in the first place, or she is trying to impart lessons that even if you are into BDSM, if you find Mr. Right, you can just go Vanilla, all of which is nonsense.

So I knocked off 2 stars for how the last %35 of the book made me feel about myself, and the author/story, and arrived at a 3 star rating.