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Jagged Edge - LiveForeverAnon Jagged Edge is a short story about a pair of lost souls, damaged and wounded. Melissa is trying to break into the music industry at the ground floor and Jared owns a record label at the company she is trying to get her foot in the door with. He sees her, decides he wants her, and there it is, instant attraction.

Jared offers her a job halfway around the world, she accepts, and he moves in for the kill. Numerous misunderstandings and poor communication lead to their spats from there, and eventually they reconcile and HEA.

There were a number of issues I had with this story, however, so I'm going to try and do this constructively. Most of the "scenes" in this book are truncated. I felt like each of them was more like a snippet of a scene than a whole scene, and I don't mean BDSM scenes, more like the snapshot in time the author was capturing. It felt like each of the scenes could have used expansion, and we'd have ended up at a full size novel, which would probably have been a better story. I'm not against short stories, at all, but this felt like it should have been longer and suffered because of it.

Master Ora/Jared. Lets discuss his character for a second. First, why is he embarrassed to be a BDSM lifestyler? Second, when Melissa agrees to his collar, why does he decide to go vanilla? I don't get it. Third, why can't the world have well adjusted men in it that want to own a woman? I know it seems weird, but I belonged to 2 separate 24/7 Masters and both were perfectly comfortable in their own skin, and neither had a dramatic or traumatic issue that caused it.

Melissa. Lets discuss her next. Who was she? What did she want? I really don't know. I felt like she was a stand-in for me, except she didn't like or want any of the things I like or want, leaving me somewhat confused. Was she a vanilla girl? If so, why ask for his collar? Did she even know what BDSM is?

The finale of the story was also short, and I am not sure where the whole kidney scene was going. There is some good in this short story, but on the whole it was clearly written for someone other than myself. I'd also encourage the author to expand on anything that's unclear or too short in the future =)

***provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review***