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Prophecy (Vampire Elite, #1) - Irina Argo This was a hot mess. It is not entirely without appeal, but wow there was so many characters, and I am getting dizzy right now thinking of who all was with who.

In the lead in, we get this tale about blood-bonds and how rare they are and how poorly understood, and then pretty much everyone in the book has a blood-bond and a total and perfect understanding of them.

Arianna is a totally useless piece of fluff who never accomplishes anything but looking stoic in the face of yet another humiliation, Simone ...ugh first she abandons her sister that she supposedly loves for a guy, and she accomplishes even less than Arianna does, not even managing to be stoic, and her "rescue" attempts are just so awful. Also, strong female leads need to spend less time as victims needing a man to rescue them, and more time doing things that aren't useless.

The plot was all over the place. There was some good in here somewhere, and some of the characters were not all bad, but good god, pick a few, and stick with them, and 1 romance per book is about my limit. 6 romances is just too many. It has been said that this is not a romance novel, but if I am to believe that, I'd need to understand why so much time was spent on the various romantic interludes of all the characters.

There is a lot happening in this book. More than probably should have been included in it. Basically, if I was editing it, I'd have asked for more time on fewer characters, more time on what is happening, and on slowly peeling back layers, rather than throwing it all out on the page and telling so much. More show, less tell.

I'd give it 2.5 stars, but GR only allows full star ratings, and I can't get this to 3 stars.