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Safeword Quinacridone (Safeword #6) - Candace Blevins I don't even have an appropriate shelf to put this on, let alone multiple shelves.

I loved this book. I loved Travis. I loved Cara. I get the feeling Travis wants a 24/7 slave in his future, one thats still capable of working and living her life, but thats his, like Meg belongs to Paul. I get the feeling from Cara that thats where she's headed.

The BDSM scenes in this book are HOT. HOT. Holy sweet moly get me a fan.

I think this book can appeal to both the hardcore and novices among us, although I am sure it loses some people with the watersports. Not me!

I'd thought after Safeword: Rainbow and Safeword: Davenport that I was out on Ms. Blevins, but this book was a work of art.

I'd love to see a book on either Meg and Paul, or a couple with their same dynamic. Gimme more!