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Safeword Rainbow - Candace Blevins I'm gonna be the wet blanket on this one, I guess. I know its a love story and everything, and everyone seems to be happy at the end, but I don't buy it.

Tyler is looking for his HEA with a 24/7 slave, and instead he gets a bedroom sub/masochist not interested in being his slave, nor in 24/7. In the world I've always lived in, these people play for a bit, and break up, while the sub looks for something less intense, and the Master looks for his 24/7.

Compromise never works full time. So, I had trouble believing in the story.

The scenes were pretty good, and using her safeword on the toothbrushing was funny, for sure. I did like both characters, just felt they were wrong for each other. Which kills part of the "romance" for me.