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Guilty Pleasures - Kitty Thomas I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I pretty much knew the plot outline from reviews, so nothing was surprising or twisty, but it still worked pretty well.

Vivian is a 24/7 slave that is all bottled up and hung up on societies ideas of right and wrong. That has got to be awful. I barely made it to 16 in her shoes before my life went off the rails, so I can only guess at the next 20 years of suffering. Lucky for her, her husband has it all figured out, and is a rich dude, cuz apparently he can spend $500,000 and whatnot to have her trained.

Hopefully he got himself trained in handling slaves, while he was at it, or it ain't gonna work out, Mister!

Not as dark as the usual Kitty Thomas fare, but I still liked it for what it was and the scenes/sex/training was pretty hot.