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At Her Feet - Rebekah Weatherspoon This is my first novel by Rebekah Weatherspoon, and won't be the last. I love F/f, and while this book didn't pull me in as much as I'd like, it was pretty good.

Lets start with the characters.

Suzanne, the little girl/bottom/sub in this story was sort of...I dunno, just meh? She wasn't very interesting to me, anyway, and had a tenency to get whiny, which I don't care for.

Pilar was pretty decent, she's a decent top, though she's a touch light on the D/s, which is what I really appreciate, but she's not a bad character, she's just in the story less than Suzanne.

The plot is the real issue here. I don't think there was one. It was more a series of interconnected D/s scenes, and scenes between the characters, which is ok, except I didn't really care for one of the characters, which makes it problematic. Throw in a total lack of any tension in the background, and its not a plus for the book.

Finally, we have the BDSM scenes/Sex scenes. They were not bad, but not to my personal taste, I think people into gateway/softcore BDSM scenes will enjoy them.

So, 3 stars out of 5, not without promise, but several things drag it down for me from what it could have been.