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Model Submissive (Rack and Ruin, #2)

Model Submissive (Rack and Ruin, #2) - Amy Valenti Izzy!

I liked Izzy in the first book, and she's back as the lead in book 2. As in Little Tease, the characters are well done again. Izzy is a Domme, but she's got troubles. She's lost her job, and with it, her confidence.

Luckily, she gets a job as a model for a new line of clothing/fetish wear, and the photographer is a hot dom. Izzy, not being a sub, does get off on being ordered about while the camera is on her, but thats as far as she's willing to go. However, the sex between Luke, the photographer and Izzy is hot!

Izzy gets her mojo back, finds a job in addition to modelling, and is dating a hot dom. Whats better than 2 Dom/mes, dating? 2 Dom/mes dating and getting a hot sub to work over together...hopefully we'll see that happen in a future installment!