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Hidden Heat

Hidden Heat - Amy Valenti Well, I am not sure what I was expecting, Ms. Valenti, but it wasn't this! I loved it, though.

In short form, in this future society, advanced jobs requiring concentration require those who wish to perform their function to get their libido checked by drugs, keeping them from any sexual feelings 51 weeks of the year. The last week is the "Heat" week from the title. They go into Heat, and have as much sex as possible.

People who wish to remain normal are free to work in retail, or as a waitress, garbage person, stripper, etc, but not as Doctors, Lawyers, etc. Our heroine has always wanted to be a Doctor. However, there is a problem with how she reacts to the drugs, and hijinks ensue.

The characters were good, the plot was great, and I really liked the world building. My only issue is...the cliffhanger! Where is book 2? Save me!