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Slave Girls of Lesbos

Slave Girls of Lesbos - Corbie Petulengro Well, this was not entirely what I was expecting.

A story of 2 slave girls, and their assorted trials and tribulations, navigating the Isle of Lesbos.

Nyxa is a half-persian slave girl since she was a little girl of 11.

Andromache is an amazon from the horse tribes, recently captured, skilled at fighting and horsemanship.

They are purchased at auction by Dejaneira, a land owner whose husband has recently died, to help with the house, and guard the children(Andromache guarding, Nyxa governessing and gardening)

Nyxa and Dejaneira get on well, Andromache is loaned frequently to Sappho, the betrothed of Aphrodite, and weird stuff happens. Gods may or may not appear, strange moonlight rituals no doubt occur, and Maenads dance under the starry sky.

In the end, some people get their happily ever after, some not so much.