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Bind and Keep Me - Cari Silverwood *I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

First, I have a confession! I had totally preconceived notions about this book, and not a single one of them was accurate. I was sure I knew who the third was going to be in Jodie and Klaus' relationship, and I wasn't even close. I was wrong so much and so often, I probably should have been disappointed, but, um, yeah, I loved the book.

I really liked the characters. Klaus has gotten over himself, which is great, and we get character arcs on the two female leads in the story, Jodie and our mystery female, who I shall not be naming, in case anyone else had the same notions I did.

The D/s and sex is so smokin' hot I almost set the couch on fire. I had to sneak off for some "me time" before I was able to continue. The dialog is just so dirty and sexy.

Finally, the plot! I leave it till last as if its an afterthought, but it really is the driving force in everything that happens. Its great, generates tension all the way throughout, and I loved it. I love how it drives many of the decisions all the way through, and how Klaus takes advantage as it goes.

This book was great. I can't WAIT for book three.