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Dominance and Deception - Amy Valenti This is the story of a forensic scientist and her love life. Faye is a switch, a super rare commodity in BDSM literature, but pretty common in the real world.

Faye starts the book in a relationship with a girl, and through the breakdown of that based on some plot points, we end up with the lead detective, who she secretly crushes on, learning she's into BDSM, and them developing a thing.

The plot revolves around a threat from Pierce's (the main love interest of Faye) past. There are cases to solve, and bad guys to catch, but most of the action is centred on the relationships.

Characters are strong, and enjoyable. I like that Faye is a switch. I like that she ends up with both a Dom and sub, I only wish her sub was female. C'est la vie =)

Good read. I enjoyed it.