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Owned and Owner - Anneke Jacob Owned and Owner is a book about a young lady, from a world which is essentially some sort of Dystopian Feminist Ideal. Men and Women have seperated to live on their own seperate planets, and rarely come into contact, unless a woman ends up in court, is sentenced, and chooses to be exiled into slavery on the planet of Men.

Our hero, Etrin, has been having dreams and fantasies of slavery since she was little, and begins acting out, determined to get her chance to be exiled.

She succeeds, and is purchased by Garid. Garid has specific ideas and desires in regards to having a slave girl. He wants her to be his completely without negotiation, discussion, or wheedling/whining/begging. To that end, he devises a strategy which he follows all the way through, involving her being reduced to a household pet, forbidden to so much as learn the language, let alone speak it, and a regimen of enforced chastity to keep her on the edge of orgasm but forbidden to come without specific permission that is a long time coming.

I would have given this book 5 stars, but unfortunately, it has a bunch of stuff I also did not care for. Like 60 pages worth of people that were not Garid and jeedy(Etrin's new name) doing stuff in different ways to their own slaves. I get focused when I am reading a romance/bdsm/whatever novel, and I hate being distracted by side stories involving people I don't care about, I just want to get back to the real plot, dammit.

The chastity was smokin' hot, Garid was mean as a snake, and even though we didn't get to know him too well, since he never really spoke with jeedy, I liked him. Jeedy was sweet and loving.

True story: I wish Ms. Jacob would write more books.