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Partners-Book One

Partners-Book One - Melissa Good Lesbian Sci-fi romance. Light on the eroticism, most sex scenes are fade to black. Let's start with the beginning. I love the author. This is the fifth work of fiction I've read by her, and while I generally want erotica/romantica over pure romance, I love her work anyway.

This book is sci-fi with minimal info dumps. Its almost all show, and little tell. The plot is twisty, but it intertwines seamlessly with the character development, and as usual with Melissa Good, the characters are strong, and interesting to read about. The plot never bogs down, and overall, I really liked the story.

The characters are great. Senior Agent Jesslyn Drake is, I'd guess, modelled on Xena, like Dar is, from Dar & Kelly's series. She's not Xena, but she's an alpha female, dangerous, straight forward, and uniquely feminine. I really liked her. She kicked ass when she needed to, showed her badassery without ever feeling like a cartoony cliche, and the romance between her and Dev was so genuine and sweet, I loved it.

Biological Alternative, set 0202164812, instance NMDev1, aka Dev, is a biological alternative unit, a specially designed and bred test tube concoction, which is basically a human, except with a specially designed genome, selecting for qualities that are wanted, and without unwanted qualities, then schooled and trained to do jobs for "real humans" When the book starts, almost all Bio Alts have been used as janitors, waiters and other menial jobs, and are thought of as mentally deficient, and basically just drones. They have no rights, and belong to whoever purchased their contract, I'd say as a slave, but slaves usually have some sort of rights. Dev is contracted to Interforce, the agency Jess works for to be her partner, and given special training in technical and pilot skills, so she can help Jess do her job. Her growth from start to finish is such a joy to watch, and her and Jess are a lot of fun together.

I loved the world building, I loved the characters, Dev especially, though Jess too, and the plot was pretty good, even considering this is a romance. I really enjoyed this book, and my only complaint is I want more graphic sex. =) Still, its awesome, I loved it.